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Seed by seed. Row by row. Pass by pass. 

‌Precision ag is helping farmers get more out of less, from precise seed placement to valuable input savings. 

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Four basics to get precision ag working on your farm

More and more farmers are using precision ag to find new efficiencies, improve yields and increase profits. Here are the basics to get you started.



In-cab, touchscreen displays to easily manage guidance lines, application rates, input placement, and more.


Starfire™ Receivers

From plus-or-minus 6-inches to sub-inch RTK accuracy, find the receiver that’s right for your operation.


JDLink™ Connection

With a free JDLink connection1, machine and field data automatically streams to your Operations Center account.


John Deere Operations Center™

Your single, secure place to monitor, organize, analyze, and share your farm data – anytime or anywhere.