Precision Ag

Cal-Coast Machinery understands having value in every pass, every season.

Reduce Input Costs through better machine management and application accuracy.

Increase Yields by improving every aspect of your production process.

Run Smoother with Less Stress by automating repetitive tasks and enabling remote diagnostics.


From machine performance to field management to data analysis, John Deere is the industry leader in providing farmers the precision ag tools they need to monitor, manage, and maximize their farm operations. Every production step – every season.

More Efficiencies

From automation to repeatability, find the precision technology you need to work faster and smarter.

Lower Costs

Precise seed placement. Better application accuracy. Less input. That means lower costs.

Higher Yields

From your machines to your fields, precision ag fuels better performance. And that powers higher yields.


Precision Ag Specialist - Santa Maria

Michael McCone
Phone: (805) 925-0931

Precision Ag Specialist - Monterey County

Roger Contreras
Phone: (831) 417-9191

Precision Ag Specialist - Oxnard

Brian Glad
Phone: (805) 981-2866